Fullmetal Alchemist V4 by Hiromu Arawaka

Fullmetal Alchemist, Volume 4 - Hiromu Arakawa

This book is about two brother,Ed and Al, that got affected by alchemy when they were little. Ed was fighting Elvin and Lust they were one of the most stronger enemys on the series. After that Ed got beat down by them and his robot arm had a serious malnfunction. Ed went to the hospital to recover his few days and he saw his brother Al was acting so strange.Ed called Winry, a friend that invented the robot arm for Ed, to help him because his arm wasn't working. Then Ed asked to his brother Al, what was going on and he said that he was too weak because he couldn't save him and he could have died too because he was busy a guy who he could have beat him in seconds. Ed said it was okay because he said promise to him and he's not gonna die unti he realized his promise to him. While Winry was adjusting Ed's arm, colonel Hughes tryed to find what does Envy and Lust wanted from him. After that Ed had recover, Ed and Al went with Winry to Rush Valley because Winry really wante to go over there when she was little but she couldn't and it was long that Ed and Al had a vacation so she went with her. But after they had leaved colonel Hughes died by Envy and Lust because he had know to much about them.


I really liked the book because like how the story was at the start of the story and the characters because it's making connections and i liked how climax of the book. I don't really liked the last part which is about Scar was chased by enemy and then he got save by some peoples because I don't really understand what happened. Yes, I would recommend the book but first its better to read the first volume because it's a little confusing.